Research in Lindi Region

Lindi is one of the regions found in Tanzania, it is one of the oldest regions dating back to the 11th century in the history of Tanzania and East Africa in general. The history of Lindi Region is adorned with some of the areas located in the districts of the Region. The name Lindi means LONG PIT, Lindi Port was used to transport slaves from Lake Nyasa. 18th-century Arabs, Indians, Germans and British are among the nations that have succeeded in living in this region.

With our project fahari yetu Tanzania and the Iringa Boma Regional Museum were able to reach Lindi region for a study of archeology and indigenous tools used by the natives since 100 years ago. Lindi town, Kilwa Kipatimu (Nandete), Kilwa Kivinje, Kilwa Kisiwani Songo Mnara (ancient Arab city), Kilwa Masoko and Nchinga are some of the places we have successfully visited and researched in the Lindi region.


Teaching a Capacity Building Workshop

Iringa Boma Museum Museum officials got the opportunity today to participate in Washa Capacity Building on teaching methods under  Dr. Kasumba for a program to visit various schools. Get ready because the museum has provided you with an adequate education for you.


The Launch of a new Exhibition of Exciting Indigenous Narratives.


Regional Museum – Iringa Boma has launched a new exhibition of exciting Indigenous Stories aimed at preserving and inheriting the stories and stories that are at risk of extinction in today’s society.

The exhibition was launched by the Iringa Regional Commissioner Hon. Queen Cuthbert Sendiga as well as being attended by various District official, Municipal officials, Traditional Elders and other guests.


The IMF Tanzania Representative visits Iringa Boma

This week the Regional Museum – Iringa Boma was fortunate to receive a visit from the family of the IMF Representative in Tanzania. They set aside time to come and see for themselves the existing Iringa Boma Regional Museum. Thank you very much Mr. Jens Reinke for visiting us and welcome back to promote our tourism.


Preparation of the Colonial Remembrance Article, Tanzania

Iringa Boma Regional Museum has had the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the German Broadcasting Corporation’s article on the history of colonial history in Tanzania, by highlighting how the people remember it and the efforts of institutions, especially museums, to preserve that history.

On the right is Jochen Rack from the German Broadcasting Corporation (Bavaria Broadcast Corporation).