Iringa Region is home to a number of sites that are significant to the study of human evolution an ancient culture. The Igeleke Rock Shelter, for example, features rock paintings from the Iron Age and has been established by fahari yetu as a protected cultural heritage site. Sites like Igeleke are not only significant to local history but offer valuable opportunities for research. Continuing our commitment to cultural heritage preservation fahari yetu works to legitimize and preserve these sites, actively engaging in collaborations with institutions such as the Department of Archeology and Heritage Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam to facilitate research in Iringa Region. Recently, fahari yetu engaged in an international collaboration with the University of Chicago’s Department of Anthropology between September 9th and September 17th 2019. During this time an intern at the Iringa Boma and a former Iringa University student assisted their researcher with field work in surveying and scientific documentation of ancient rock art at multiple sites in the region. The sites ranged from well-known and easily accessible locations such as the Igeleke Rock Shelter to more difficult to reach and lesser known locations. The collaboration is ongoing and will serve to expand the knowledge of significant cultural heritage sites in the Iringa region.