The Boma is in the process of renovating its attic space to be utilized as an archive and library, making documents relevant to Iringa’s culture and history available to interested researchers and the general public. The collections will include literature, historical records, and community testimonies in Swahili, English, German, and Hehe gathered by our researchers. These are to be made accessible in physical as well as digital formats. Further research will be used to expand and create new exhibitions at the Iringa Boma, including the community documentations of Hehe folktales in Iringa, the story of Chief Mkwawa’s younger brother Mpangile Wangimbo to further elaborate the history of German occupation, and an exhibition exploring Askari soldiers in the German colonial army and their role in the development of Iringa Town. We aim to share our research as well as create wider access to the developed heritage resources and share the results with national and international heritage researchers and practitioners through the construction of our archive and library as well as by hosting a symposium focusing on heritage research and conservation issues in Iringa and the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

These projects are all made possible due to the Gerda Henkel Foundation.

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