From the website:

Vikapu Bomba is a social enterprise working with previously unemployed rural women artisans who produces hand-woven fashion and home décor articles in the communities of Iringa-Tanzania. VB products are made from a local reed grass called Milulu that grows along streams in the southern highlands of Tanzania. For generations weaving had been traditionally practiced but was abandoned by many due to lack of opportunities and market. Through VB, rural women in Iringa communities are helped to formulate small artisans groups with help from lead artisans, trained to improve their weaving skills and get connected to both regional and premium markets.

VB believes that apart from being fair, trade should also be transparent and personal. That’s why each of our products comes with a label featuring each producer’s portrait and short story of the woman artisan who produced the product to keep each product fully traceable.

Come visit us on the upper floor @Iringa Boma!