University of IringaUniversity of Iringa

The University of Iringa (UoI) is a private university under the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. Currently about 4000 students are enrolled in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Counselling and Psychology, Law, Science and Education, and Theology. The project is hosted by the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Tourism under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Following its strong academic expertise in research, cultural heritage management and tourism, the university team is responsible for overall coordination, administration and supervision of the project and answerable to donor requirements.


Jan Kuever

Project Manager

Since graduating as M.A. in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology in Germany in 2007, Jan Kuever worked as Lecturer and Administrator at the University of Iringa, Tanzania. He is the author and initiator of fahari yetu and as Programme Manager responsible for overseeing and coordinating all activities. The programme also serves as case study for his PhD research in Heritage Studies at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany. The research investigates the theoretical and practical link between culture, heritage and sustainable development.


Jimson S. Sanga

Assistant Project Manager

Jimson Sanga has been Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology and Tourism at the University of Iringa since 2011 and graduated as M.A. in Tourism, Culture and Society in 2014. He is assisting the Project Manager in coordination and monitoring of the programme and actively engages in implementation of communication and promotion activities. With his research background in Ethnomusicology one major focus of his work is the commercialization of regional music and dance into viable tourism products.

Research Team

The research coordinator and his assistants generate knowledge and interpretations on the different research themes and products and assist the Boma Museum Curator in exhibition collection and design. Their engagement in the programme supports academic capacity development of the University of Iringa and the Region at large.