The museum is a place of stories. Stories about Iringa in the past and in the present. Stories about the different people making Iringa their home. Stories about customs, traditions and ways of life. And stories about the fascinating places that make Iringa unique.

The museum is at home in one of the oldest remaining buildings in Iringa, the Iringa Boma. The Boma was constructed in 1914 by the German colonial regime to serve as a military hospital. German colonial architecture combined African, Swahili and European styles. After the First World War the British made it their regional administrative centre. From Tanzania’s independence in 1961 until 2014 it was in use as Regional and District administration office offering civil services.

Beginning in 2014 the building was completely renovated and restored to its original design as part of the fahari yetu Project under the University of Iringa. After being re-opened in 2016, Iringa Boma now fulfils its function as a regional museum and cultural centre.