“Welcome, guests, to invest in Tanzanian tourism. You can invest in food, culture, and homestay tourism. Our goal is to ensure the growth and promotion of tourism in Tanzania through any means possible,” said Hon. Angela Kairuki, the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania. She made these remarks during the launch of the Swahili International Expo, which took place in Dar es Salaam.

Mr Jimson Sanaga, the Co-Manager of the “Fahari Yetu Tanzania” project and the Iringa Boma Regional Museum stated that this is their fourth time attending the major tourism exhibition in Tanzania. He mentioned that each year, the exhibition has been unique.

“For all four years that we have attended these exhibitions, we have seen significant differences. The exhibitions have helped us promote Tanzanian tourism, especially tourism in the Southern Highlands. However, we still have a great opportunity to continue promoting local tourism and our historical heritage,” Mr Sanga added. He also mentioned that the “Fahari Yetu” project is currently involved in the research of ancient narratives that are at risk of disappearing, with the aim of collecting and preserving them for future generations.

The Swahili International Tourism Expo (SITE) is held annually in Tanzania, with the aim of bringing together various stakeholders in domestic and international tourism. In 2023, the exhibition occurred from the 6th to the 10th of October at Mlimani City in Dar es Salaam.


Are you looking for the right place to do a restaurant business, you probably don’t know where the best site can be, let me inform you that the Iringa Boma regional museum is announcing that it is renting its restaurant area to a willing investor.

There are several reasons to invest in this area.

  1. The area is located in the middle of Iringa town (Iringa Boma) where it used to be the office of the District Commissioner.
  2. It is a good place to interact with the interaction of visitors from different countries due to the presence of the Regional Museum.
  3. Protection and security are top-notch.

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Iringa Boma Regional Museum has had the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the German Broadcasting Corporation’s article on the history of colonial history in Tanzania, by highlighting how the people remember it and the efforts of institutions, especially museums, to preserve that history.

On the right is Jochen Rack from the German Broadcasting Corporation (Bavaria Broadcast Corporation).



In the picture is the Director of the National, Dr. Noel Lwoga.

Dr. Noel Lwoga had the opportunity to visit Iringa Boma Regional Museum on their way from Iringa to Dodoma. The preservation of the archaeological site, as part of a museum and cultural centre, and Narratives / History of locals and Chiefs for visitors and even natives of Iringa Region is one of the efforts he supported during the tour.

He also commended the efforts made by our project fahari yetu Tanzania, in promoting and developing culture in the southern highlands and Tanzania.

In the past the colonial administration system divided Tanganyika (Tanzania) into eight (8) provinces, a Southern Province that included the Ruvuma, Lindi, and Mtwara Regions with its headquarters in Lindi. It was in 1971 that Mtwara Region was established, the establishment of this Region was due to the Regional Power Plan administered by the first President of Tanzania Mwl.Julius.K. Nyerere, which was aimed at moving services to the people. 75% of the population of Mtwara Region is Wamakonde. Wayao and Wamakua are among the tribes found in this region. With our project fahari yetu Tanzania and the Iringa Boma Regional Museum, we managed to reach Mtwara for research purposes, Mikindani, Mtwara city, Tandahimba and Newala are some of the places we managed to reach during the research.